Pick Your Own APPLES


OPEN ON WEEKENDS :     HOURS:    OPEN  10 to 4pm on Weekends and Columbus Day

Pets are not allowed in the Apple Orchard, but leashed animals are allowed in non-crop areas of the farm, (parking lot, farm roads etc.). Please pick up after your pets.

Children are welcome, with Adult Supervision.  Please no open toe shoes. Wear comfortable clothes to pick in. Bring Sun Screen and Insect repellent.

Pricing:  Peck Bag $15      1/2 Bushel:  $25     3 or more 1/2 bushels:  $22 each

Location: 691 Rt 146 , Altamont, NY 12009

Please turn in where you see the Pick Your Own Sign,  

9/24- 9/25 2022:  Picking   Cortland and Empire

10/1 to 10/2      Picking     Empire, Red Delicious, Fortune, Spy